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Scribe Writing Tablet Specifications | Stadium & Arena Seating

Scribe Writing Tablet Specifications

General Description

  • Scribe tablet arms can be specified for use with either Solara or Integra seat modules.
  • Scribe tablet arms have been engineered to perform in the toughest applications and venues. Designed and tested to both BSEN and BIFMA standards the tablet will resist a load of over 100kg applied while the tablet is in the deployed position.
  • The tablet surface is moulded from thermo setting polymer in one piece so there are no finishing edges to pull of.
  • Safety, Scribe has an anti-panic feature so that in an emergency situation as the user lifts the tablet and exits the seat the tablet will automatically return to the stowed position leaving the exit clearway un obstructed.
  • Scribe has a ‘dampened’ return mechanism to ensure it returns to the stowed position in a controlled and safe fall.
  • Scribe can be used in fixed and retractable applications on the Integra seat modules.
  • Scribe can be easily removed and re-fitted where necessary.

Scribe in the upright position. Pictured with polymer seat.

Scribe in the stowed position. Pictured with polymer seat.

Scribe in the stowed position (fixed application).

Scribe in the stowed position (retractable platform) (Integra Seat Module only).

Scribe Plan View

Scribe Side View (Integra Seat Module Only)


The following downloads are available:

  • Scribe Writing Tablet Specifications: Download.