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SG-WPA2 Series Specifications | Retractable Seating

SG WPA2 Series Specifications

Seat and Backrest shell: Plywood + Sponge + Fabric.

Support: Die Casting Aluminium.

Bracket: Steel Plate (Backrest: 3mmT & Seat: 4mmT).

Armrest: Wood.

Horizontal Bar: Steel Pipe (50x50x2.3mmT).

Tip-up Mechanism: Counter Balanced Weight Mechanism (non-spring mechanism).

Operating Box: Manual or Automatic.

Finish of Aluminium and Steel Parts: Powder Coating.


  • Front upholstery (fabrics + 15mmT polyurethane foam)
  • Full upholstery (fabrics + 15mmT polyurethane foam) Tablet

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