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House of Worship Seating

Seating options in a House of Worship  are as varied as the types of Houses of Worship, making seating arrangement. The major factors to consider when working on seating options are the space available and the use of the space itself.

Other factors to consider are whether the seating will be permanently located, or does the seating need to be flexible and able to be moved around for different activities and events.

Is the space and the activities of the House of Worship big enough for more traditional types of seating – such as pews – or would it make better use of the space and the planned activities to utilise many of the portable floor seating options available.

The choice of seating from traditional pews, to portable seating systems is yours, reflecting the activities of your House of Worship and the architecture and style of your House of Worship.

At Starena, our product range is extensive and includes choices from standard seating options to made to order specialised seating options.