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Demountable Seating - The Stadia - The Facts | Portable Stadium Tiered Seating

Demountable Seating - The Stadia - The Facts

Starena’s multi-purpose portable tiered seating can be erected this quickly at your venue, whilst meeting all standards for safety, weight and loading.

The great advantage of the modular system lies in a design which provides three dimensional flexibility, compact space saving storage and transportation, yet with an attractive appearance which lends itself so well to any venue or application. A 1000 seat event can be installed in just one day - saving on labour and offering real advantages at busy venues where time is at a premium.

With front rows at ground level, 152mm rise seating can be easily erected to a 28 row height - with a limitless stand length and an optimum number of walkways.

There is even a choice of 254mm or 152mm elevation to ensure complete audience visibility at your facility.