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The Invercargill Specifications | Portable Stadium Tiered Seating

The Portable Stadium Tiered Seat Invercargill

Tiered Stackable Seating Modules

This modular seating system is ideal for arenas, sporting venues and other facilities, where a flexible fast turn around grandstand seating solution is required.

The Invercargill features options of:

  • Albany Arena Stadia Seat
  • Upholstered Albany Arena Stadia seat
  • Hot dipped galvanised or powder coated steel work
  • Non slip granulated carpeted walkways

Layout configurations can incorporate corners, control positions, lighting towers, hospitality boxes, side or rear stairs.

The System

The system incorporates a number of row options up to 30 rows in varying riser and row spacing configurations.

The system comprises a series of stackable modules, comprising a base module (BF) and an upper module (TF).

The TF modules (TF1 - T4) are fitted with the seat and are located on top of a series of base modules (BF1 - BF3).

The building blocks of a TF and BF module are fork lifted into place in sequential manner and are linked together by a quick bolt connector.

Each module is nominally 5.3m in width and 1.7m in depth.

The system comprises five (5) individual sections nominally 5.3m in width, joined together to form one seating bank, nominally 26.6m in width.

Removable side and rear hand rails are provided.

Seat options are the Albany or Series 9000 Plastic Seat.

Aisles are nominally 1.0m in width with half steps.

All understructure members are hot dipped galvanised for extended life protection, as well as being colour coded for ease of sequential installation.

The system is available in varying platform and riser height configurations.

The system features an18mm exterior grade plywood sealed and finished with an embossed slip resistant surface finish.

The system can be stored outdoors without any protection from the elements.

The system is modular and designed for rapid install by a Team of 4, utilising a fork truck and with accessible access from the storage area, a 1000 seat system can be installed in four (4) - five (5) hours.

The design and linking of the system means unskilled labour under stadium supervision can be used.

The system is strong, robust and meets all safety, weight and loading standards, yet because of its design, utilises light weight construction principles.

The system with the use of additional side and rear handrails is readily adapted to different seating module configurations.

Design Criteria

  • The occupancy class is public assembly, as specified in AS1170-Part 1 – 1981.
  • Live Loading of 4k N/M2 for fixed seating.
  • Live Loading of 5k N/M2 for gangways, stairs and landings.
  • Bracing is designed to support 5% of the vertical load to accommodate spectator induced horizontal surge loads as specified in BS5973-1981.

In addition for outdoor application, wind load considerations are specified in AS1170-Part 2-1983, have been considered.