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Stadium & Arena Seating

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Starena is an International supplier of stadium seating, stadia seating and arena seating with offices in Sydney, Athens, Cairo and London as well as over 30 worldwide distributors.

We manufacture in Australia, Greece, Europe, Egypt, USA and China to International ISO standards and we work extensively with Bureau Veritas as independent auditors of our sub-contracting manufacturing partners’ quality and deliverable standards.

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Commitment to Stadium Seating


The design of a range of stadium seating is a complex issue; a stadium seat manufacturer requires sensitivity, a watchful eye for developments and a lot of experience, in order to be able to survive with their products.

At Starena, we have been in this business for over twenty five years and have accumulated a vast storage of knowledge when it comes to design, project management and implementation of seating for worldwide stadium seating projects, large and small.


Ergonomics and comfort are paramount when designing a stadium seat. Ergonomic principles help to establish average weight and measurements of different age groups of men and women, in the last decades there has been acceleration in the human body, people are becoming taller and physically larger, this data provides us with guidelines and recommendations on how to develop new products, in addition we reflect in our design the fact that there are 3 to 4 sitting postures that a person adopts when attending an event.


Style, form and function play an important part in the DNA of a world class stadium seat and seating offered today is vastly different in design, comfort and installation technology to that of the past, that is not to say that there is no place for low end, low style, low comfort stadium seating, there is and always will be a market for the budget conscious purchaser. However stadium seating design has moved on to reflect the iconic stadiums being constructed today.

Standards Compliance

Compliance to International and local Test Standards, is a major commitment by those stadium seating suppliers that are serious about their business, at Starena we submit and ensure that our seating is fully compliant to these Test Standards.

Fire and Ultraviolet

The need to supply a seat that complies with Fire and Ultraviolet standards is a major issue for the industry to comply with to meet these standards and customer expectations.

Many suppliers fail to provide a product to standard as they are not aware of the unique solutions required to deliver a flame retarded, light stabilised compound for outdoor applications.

Many plastic applications would be impossible without halogenated flame retardants. However, many flame retardants, particularly brominated ones, cause difficulties in processing and reduce the products long term stability.

At Starena after many years of research we use a specially designed additive system that permits polypropylene parts to be both UV resistant and flame retardant.

All of our products are formulated to a factor of 200 kilo Langley which is a measurement of UV protection and performance, for instance Europe has a kilo Langley of 100-120 whereas the Middle East and Australia have a high 180-200 kilo Langley, so many European and Chinese manufacturers producing for a local market have significant product failures when they go outside of their local markets.

Why Starena?

With Starena you have the security of knowledge that as a major supplier to:

  • Olympic Games
  • FIFA World Cup Venues
  • ICC Venues
  • Commonwealth Games Venues
  • Formula Grand Prix Venues

Stadia worldwide: we have earnt the respect of our clients and bring to you products that are of world class standards.