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Apollo Stadium and Arena Seat 2863RS/2865RS

Apollo 2863RS/2865RS Series | Stadium & Arena Seating

Plastic Seat with Padded Seat & Back with Arm Rest In Standard Fabric / Vinyl

General Description

The Apollo 2863RS/2865RS is a riser rail mounted or floor mounted injection moulded stadium and arena seat. The seat module is delivered fully assembled, ready for attachment to the seat support system.

    The seat features the following:-
  • Onset upholstery pads to seat base and back (+) armrest – other options available
  • Quick replacement of entire seat modules
  • Infinite seat spacing
  • Can be configured using a wide range of riser or floor mount options
  • Understructure rail can be fitted rapidly during the building construction phase
  • Seat installation can be done at a later stage when the environment is clean
  • Available in a wide range of standard Plastic colours
  • Available in a wide range of fabrics and vinyls
  • Standard UV Stabilised
  • Option of No UV Stabilised, No FR
  • Option of FR only, No Stabilised
  • Option of UV + FR to V2 Standard

Plastic Colours

The Polymer seats are available in a very wide range of colours however the eight deep pastel colours are the most popular. These colours have been selected and tested for their television compatibility, tonal value, and reflectivity and light stability in all environments. These colours have full Delta E weatherability testing to 5,000 hours. Starena advises that these are indicative colours only and will be matched as closely as possible to the stated PMS numbers.
Note: for Indoor use - Black PMS 433 is available.

Materials / Finishes

  • Plastic Seat with Padded Seat and Padded Back with Arm Rests
  • Onset upholstery pads in either fabric or vinyl for both indoor and outdoor applications, providing the ideal addition for Club and VIP seat areas
  • Manufactured from materials that are corrosion resistant even in the most hostile environments
  • Strength and durability seat modules and rail support structure comply with the requirements of BSEN 12727 Test Level 4.


  • Armrest options available

Cup Holders

  • Arm Cup Holder options available


  • Seat and row number identification


  • Environmentally recyclable componentry

Fire Resistance

  • Seat modules meet the fire resistance requirements of BSEN-5852 Ignition Sources 0, 1 and 5.
  • Weathering of Flame Retardant of Polypropylene colour compounds are tested in accordance with 3000+ hours of accelerated Xenon Weatherometer Exposure in accordance with Poly Pacific Standard Test criteria.

Seat Return Mechanisms

  • Automatic spring return mechanics

Comfort & Ergonomics

  • Sculptured seat and back rest surfaces

Apollo 2863RS/2865RS Front View - Floor Mounted

(Riser Mounted also available)

Apollo 2863RS/2865RS Series | Stadium & Arena Seating

Apollo 2863RS/2865RS Side View

Apollo 2863RS/2865RS Series | Stadium & Arena Seating

Apollo 2863RS/2865RS Top View

Apollo 2863RS/2865RS Series | Stadium & Arena Seating

Apollo 2863/2865 Series

3/4 tip

MS - min spacing, seat centres chair only


MSSA - min spacing, seat centres shared integrated armrest


MSDA - min spacing, seat centres double integrated armrest


MSFCH - min spacing, seat centres front cup holder, rail mounted separated armrest


SSD - Space (with seat down)


SFC - Space (with front cup holder, rail mounted armrest)


SA - Space (with armrest)


SC - Space (chair only)


RCUPS - rear cup holder chair space


SM - seat height


OH - overall height


FD - folded depth on retractable system


FH - folded heigh on retractable system


RH - min spacing, platform riser height (depends on platform)