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Palco Tribune Seat Specifications | Stadium & Arena Seating

Palco Tribune Seat Specifications

General Description

  • Has an Orthopaedic sitting design, manufactured up to FIFA standards in terms of design and technology
  • 2 Installation points.
  • The seat design incorporates a water discharging port for fast dispersion of liquid. 


  • Can be manufactured in many specifications including Standard, UV Resistance, Colour Fastness, Flame Retardant and Impact Resistance, upon clients request.
  • The seat has been designed for multi functional usage. Usage and locations can include parks, amphitheatres, stadiums, aquatic centres and other stepped watching areas.
  • Thanks to its unique design, it requires a mechanical device to remove  and  cannot be pulled out from the seating area by bare hands.


Width: 43.5 cm

Depth: 44.5 cm

Height: 31.5 cm

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