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Saturn 6823RSC(f) / 6825RSC(f) Stadium Seat

Saturn 6823RSC(f) / 6825RSC(f)

Plastic Seat with Padded Seat & Back & armrest with front cup holder in Standard Fabric / Vinyl

6823: Riser Mounted

6825: Floor Mounted

Saturn 6823RSCF is a riser rail mounted or floor mounted blow injection moulded padded upholstered stadium and arena seat. The seat module is delivered fully assembled, ready for attachment to the seat support system. The seat features the following:-

Onset upholstery pads to seat base and back in either fabric or vinyl applications, providing the ideal addition for Club and VIP seat areas. Quick replacement of entire seat modules. Infinite seat spacing.

Can be configured using a wide range of mount options -

  • Available in a wide range of standard polymer colours
  • Available in a wide variety of fabrics and vinyl
  • Integrated foot bar mechanism (for retractable seating) that trips the seats & allows for easy fold, with gas strut assist.
  • Sculptured seat and back rest surfaces