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Olympo Conference Specifications | Theatre & Cinema Seating

Olympo Theatre & Cinema Seat Conference Specifications

General Description

Fully upholstered seat.

Back with wooden outer panel.

Open middle standards with wooden arms.

Installed on two legs or central pedestal.

Fully upholstered seat or with wooden panel.

Totally ergonomic design featuring a completely silent foldable mechanism.

Assembling system allows replacement of the seat and backrests covers without demounting the chair from the floor.

Technical Details


  • - Metallic Structure of the inner parts and backrest frame.

  • - Upholstered armrests (optional integral foam or beech wood).

  • - Upholstered end and middle of the rows.

  • - Backrest panel in black plastic option in 15mm high frequency pressed beech plywood or PVC seemed to wood.

  • - Complete upholstered seat, optional black plastic panel covered with PVC (seemed to wood).

  • - Self-rising return mechanism seat with a double spring, optional fixed seat or moveable at 45o in double turning.

  • - Seat and backrest in a block of auto-extinguishable cold cast polyurethane foam.

  • - Upholstering system by means of easily changeable covers with clips or Velcro for cheaper maintenance.

  • - M-1 fire proof upholster, optional to fire-proof barrier.

  • - Central foot, optional to two feet, fixed over and in front of the steps.

  • - ACCESSORIES: Cup holder, writing pad, moveable writing pad anti-panic system, embroidered numbering of seats and rows, double armrest, and hanging clip in the front backrest.