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Permanently Seated Areas | Auditorium & Arena Seating

Seat Module Options

Please see below for examples of the various modules of seating available for this style of venue. For a more extensive overview of model options and specifications please click on the appropriate link.


The Penumbra Seat

Fixed & Retractable Seat

  • The Penumbra

  • The Penumbra Tablet Arm


ASC Range

  • Baco Cineplex

  • Olympo

  • Monet

  • Atenas

  • Cervantes

  • Club PA

  • Nova

Theatre Chair Range

  • The Commodore

  • The Earl

  • The Viscount

  • The Baron

  • The Marquess

  • The Apolo

Ascender Javier Luxury Mobile/Removable Seating

The Ascender Javier is manufactured in groups of 2-3 charis using "Bench System" for easier transportation

  • Javier

  • Javier Arms

  • Javier Upholstered with Arms

  • Javier Upholstered Backpack